About us

Heng Business Links (HBL) is a family owned and operated export trading company based in Sydney, Australia.

HBL started in early 2000 with the aim of introducing quality dairy products to East Malaysia (Sarawak and Sabah) and Brunei. All three markets are located on the island of Borneo. Here’s a map of Borneo and the three markets HBL specialises in.


The principal of HBL, Paul Yii, has held executive positions across private and state owned agencies over a number of years, professionally, before starting HBL. Paul understands this market, and has numerous contacts within this market.

Since being established HBL has worked with suppliers and distributors(in these markets) to:

  • Establish export controls to ensure products are delivered as expected
  • Established processes that ensures our success are repeatable across different product groups
  • Enabled our suppliers to grow their business with minimum investments and risks from suppliers

Why East Malaysia and Brunei?

This market, consisting of Sarawak  and Sabah, with Brunei (SBS) has a population of about 5 million people.

This market:

  • has a growing and affluent middle class who are looking for quality consumer products from suppliers in countries with strict processes
  • has multiple generations of students returning “home” having concluded their studies overseas; creating a ready market that knows what to expect
  • has a high demand for quality small goods, and dairy products from Australia, New Zealand.

With most products “halal” certified these days, businesses wishing to export to this market do not have to contend with the red tapes and competition from other suppliers in developed markets such as Singapore and China.

We consistently export 9-10 containers per annum of products we are representative for in this market.

Why Heng Business Links?

HBL has overs the years  exported a wide range of food products and farming materials into this market. We have accumulated considerable knowledge of the business opportunities and the way business is conducted in these markets, reducing suppliers risk into an emerging market.

HBL would like to share with our partners our knowledge and business connections. We our suppliers in developing these markets with minimal risk.

Ultimately what HBL aims is to develop a business model which would benefit all of us .

What next?

If you:

  • are a supplier and wish to find someone to represent you in East Malaysia and Brunei;
  • wish to export your goods from Sarawak, Sabah or Brunei
  • are in East Malaysia and Brunei and are looking for additional products from Australia,

Please contact us!

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