Muesli A healthy breakfast cereal


In our part of the world, we have a wide choice for breakfast. We could have pau (dumpling) , toasted bread and kaya, nasi lemak , or laksa for breakfast .

Let’s now try Muesli! Nature’s healthier super food.

Muesli is a popular breakfast cereal based on uncooked rolled oats, dried  fruit and nuts.

We have been told that it has a number of health benefits as outlined here (extracted from Wikipedia ) and these include :

  • Muesli is packed with nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables that can reduce the risk of cancer.
  • The oat content of Muesli helps lower cholesterol concentration and the risk of atherosclerosis.
  • Some of its nuts content like walnuts is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which is also good for the heart and development of the nervous system.
  • The presence of manganese in Muesli along with low saturated fats keeps your heart safe.[
  • It reduces the risk of cancer and other age-related diseases.
  • It lowers glycemic index which controls diabetes.
  • Fulfills the daily fiber requirement: In this age of processed food, very few people are able to achieve their daily fiber requirement through regular meals. Muesli being a very rich source of dietary fiber – both soluble and insoluble – helps in lowering the blood cholesterol level. The soluble fiber (beta-glucans) in muesli helps in avoiding dramatic changes in blood sugar level. It also relieves constipation by improving the bowel movement in the intestinal tract.
  • The oats and nuts present in muesli constitute of a phytochemical known as lignans. This phytochemical agent helps in reducing the chances of breast cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer.

Apart from the health benefits, Muesli is delicious and easy to prepare.

We are proud to have introduced ” Monster”  Muesli  to East Malaysia and Brunei . Contact us to find out more!



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